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FREE Microsoft Access Databases

Looking for a database for a specific purpose, such as inventory control? You may find it listed here.

If you want to having a database developed download our Foundation Database. This is the foundation for most projects. You should also review our Database Development services. Finally, contact us.

Foundation Database (Eval)

Foundation Database (Eval) V0.01

Access 2000 FD001

This is the evaluation version of the Foundation Database we start with when developing your custom system, unless you wish something developed from scratch. Download this to see the type of interface we will build and to help with deciding how to implement your requirements. The database is limited to the number of records that can be added, but is otherwise fully functional.


Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking V1.00

Access 2000 AWAT001

Asset management database for tracking assets, depreciation and maintenance. Reports for listing assets, maintenance history and depreciation.

Contact Management

Contact Management V1.00

Access 2000 AWCM001

Contact management database for recording contact and call details. Reports for summarising calls and listing contacts.

Event Management

Event Management V1.00

Access 2000 AWEM001

Event management database for recording different events, attendee registration, payments etc. Includes fee schedules, invoicing, sales and attendance reports.


Expenses V1.00

Access 2000 AWE001

Expenses database for recording employee expenses by detail. Expenses can be categorised and summary reports produced.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control V1.00

Access 2000 AWIC001

Inventory control database for tracking purchase and usage of products. Includes purchase orders, shrinkage and summary and detail reports.


Ledger V1.00

Access 2000 AWL001

Ledger database for recording ledger entries for multiple accounts or various types. Includes account, transaction and account type summary reports.

Order Entry

Order Entry V1.00

Access 2000 AWOE001

Order entry database for recording sales orders by customers. Includes shipping options, payments, invoices and sales summary, aging and customer reports.

Resource Scheduling

Resource Scheduling V1.00

Access 2000 AWRS001

Resource scheduling database for tracking resources and scheduling activities. Includes schedule generation and resource summary reports.

Service Call Management

Service Call Management V1.00

Access 2000 AWSCM001

Service call management database for tracking service call work orders for customers. Includes labour and parts tracking, invoicing, payments, summary and detail reports.

Time and Billing

Time and Billing V1.00

Access 2000 AWTB001

Time and billing database for recording project labour and expenses. Includes payments, invoicing and detail and summary analysis reports.

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